Schedule a Session

Scheduling a session is how you reserve your time to talk with an athlete. Here’s how you can get started:

1. View an athlete’s availability.
From an athlete profile page, flip between the calendar and agenda view to preview available time slots.

2. Click the MEET [Athlete] button.
This will start the session scheduler.

3. Select a Date and Time.
Select a preferred date, call duration, and time. The available options are set by the athlete.

4. Choose a focus and type.
Selecting a focus helps participants prepare for the call. Choose a one-on-one or share a group call with up to 4 other friends.

5. Enter conversation details and agree to terms.
Sharing questions you have for your favorite athlete helps them prepare for your call.
Agreeing to terms and conditions as well as off-limit topics ensures a respectful call.

Select date, duration and time.

Select a call focus and type.

Enter your questions, and review conversation details. Agree to terms and solution.

6. Submit your session request.
Clicking the submit button allows you to review your session request. Click CANCEL to make any edits.

7. Checkout and confirm payment.
If you entered your payment information during setup, you can quickly confirm and checkout here. You may also choose to enter a different form of payment.

8. Session is requested.
A confirmation will be displayed on your screen and sent to your email. If the call does not occur, payment will be refunded in full. Go to your My Stars page to see your requested session and details.

When an athlete accepts your session request, you will receive an email notification with the call details and a calendar invite. Your upcoming call will also be found on your My Star page under UPCOMING CALLS.

Your requested session resides in the Requested tab on your My Stars page until accepted by the athlete.



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