Create Profile

To begin your See A Star experience, you must first create a login and profile.

  1. Create your login and password.
    Opening the mobile app for the first time, or clicking SIGN UP will prompt the sign up process.
    This login will work across all devices—on the desktop web version, or on the mobile or tablet app.

  2. Provide basic info for your profile.
    Your basic information helps the athlete get to know more about you before the conversation.

  3. Upload a profile photo, cover photo, and share some interests.
    This helps the athlete get to know more about you before your call.
    Profile images work best with a portrait or square photo. Cover photos work best with a landscape oriented photo.

  4. Test your camera and microphone.
    Testing your A/V helps minimize technical surprises right before your call. If you plan to use a different device for video calls with athletes, consider completing the A/V test on those devices as well. You can access the A/V TEST from the navigation menu.

  5. Start browsing athletes.
    When you’ve successfully completed your profile setup, start browsing athletes!
    If you need to return to edit or complete your profile setup, click the SETTINGS link in the navigation menu.

Where to find Test A/V and Settings within the web app version.



Still need more help?